Make sense of your pharmacy inventory.

We build sophisticated, affordable tools and services for the management of hospital drug inventory, starting from analytics of bedside demand and spreading through every drug storage location in the hospital.
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It’s difficult to ensure you have the right amount of the right drugs at the right location right when you need them. We can help you do it better.

A typical hospital can have in excess of 25,000 unique combinations of drug and location. Each one of these combinations has a unique demand distribution which change over time, making it impossible to apply “one-size-fits-all” optimization solutions. To guard against stock outs, hospitals stock significant amounts of excess inventory, often by 50% or more. And drug shortages require instant conversions to new form factors, making spatial arrangement (i.e., how to fit the new form factor in the old space) a challenge also.

In the rare event that optimization is performed, it’s a time-consuming and expensive task, requiring 8-12 hours with a technician to optimize a single ADC.

Our Solutions

Our products and reports not only tell you how much of which drugs to stock when, but how to arrange them for the best use of your important storage space.


Our flagship product; platform-agnostic software that extracts transaction data from various hospital systems, and applies sophisticated algorithms that query dozens of underlying factors, determining the correct statistical and operational treatment of each specific inventory location to arrive at the correct PAR.


A spatial optimization product that tells hospitals exactly how to rearrange inventory and hardware to achieve desired space constraints. Examples include creating maximum use of existing storage space, reducing cart fill line items, and moving fast turning drugs to ergonomically desirable locations, all while minimizing the number of moves and hardware changes.

Minimize Pharmacy Interaction

Our products are built to incorporate pharmacy know-how from literally hundreds of hospitals so that by the time we deploy, the vast majority of work is already automated. We can optimize entire hospitals with just a few hours of your pharmacy staff time.

Stay Optimized on a Continual Basis

Our smart systems require less that 2% of the time to optimize compared to working with a dedicated technician just once. We update your inventory systems on a regular basis for a fraction of the cost, freeing-up valuable staff and resources.

Save Money While Improving Care

The right drugs in the right amount, at the right time; our platforms build confidence in your inventory, while reducing the overall amount of pharmacy stock required. This saves money on carry costs, waste, shrinkage, handling, and more.

Supplemental Products

Operational Consulting

Our people are skilled, credentialed product and business development specialists with decades of practical experience in healthcare and a variety of other industries. We apply those skills and experience to interesting challenges customers face in a number of settings, including product “framing”, project management, and business strategy. 

Additional Software Tools

We have a variety of software tools in different development stages, including optimal routing software, common formulary technology, and more. These tools will support the existing PharmaSense business, and enable new businesses, too. 


We are a smart, pragmatic, customer-centric company making easy-to-use tools and services for hospital pharmacies.

We founded PharmaSense in 2016. As two industry veterans, we knew we could provide better, more objective inventory management tools than the existing players. Our hard work, ethical behavior, and platform-agnostic software has distinguished us from alternatives in the field. We offer genuine predictive analytics to improve performance in ways customers try to do manually today.

With two platforms in Beta testing within a number of prestigious hospitals, our customers experience significant improvements in a number of KPIs. More importantly, the tools are making life easier for pharmacy staff. We are committed to helping pharmacists free up time for important pharmacy tasks.

Jim Pellegrini

President & CEO

Chris Duncan

Chief Analytics Officer


If you manage a hospital pharmacy, we can help you perform better, for less.

We are a fast and flexible company, with products and systems ready to deploy today. As well, we are always developing new products with interested and interesting partners. We encourage you to contact us to discuss your goals.
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